The EGO loc team is a high-tech division of EGO Translating: the acclaimed leader in translation industry since 1990.
In EGO Translating Company, you will find the high-quality solution for any translation-related tasks: interpretation and translation, certification of documents, courses of foreign languages. During its 29 years of operation, EGO Translating Company has accumulated extensive experience in various fields of industry, providing the most diverse types of services.

EGO loc is a team of localization specialists responsible for human resources on localization projects of any complexity, creation of glossaries and TMs and technical operations. We carefully inspect every localization case in order to take into account all its specifics, create our projects teams only from skilled professionals and use our own software to provide the best possible output for our translation and localization projects.

Feel free to contact us, we will ensure that any your demand meets the best possible supply!

Elena Rasskazenok controls development of the localization center: she is responsible for selection and testing of tools for websites and software localization, creation n of teams (translators, editors, technical specialists) and implementation of projects.

Marketing promotion of localization among the partners of the Company is the responsibility of Yevgenia Gorodetskaya, while Olga Mikhailova, Head of Localization Projects, supervises interaction with clients.

Anastasia Semikhina manages glossaries and translation memories for quality assurance, Margarita Menyailova is in charge of automated translation and quality control.

The action field of the lead programmer Vitaly Moskalenko are the development of linguistic software and management of technical activities related to localization.
Yevgenia Gorodetskaya
Vice President
for technological development
Olga Mikhailova
Head of Localization Projects. 24/7 client availability.
Vitaly Moskalenko
Lead Programmer. C++, Java, html and php developer.
Anastasia Semikhina
Linguist, Lexicographer.
Specialist in Romance languages.
Margarita Menyailova
Linguist, Translator, Editor.
Elena Rasskazenok
Head of the Localization Center, html, css, js, php developer.
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